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deceased alert

Statement on a credit report that indicates to potential creditors that the individual has passed away. The alert statement is placed on the credit report to stop identity theft, to ensure a criminal is not able to take over the deceased individual's identity.

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    A notification on a person's credit report that alerts credit agencies that the person is deceased and should not be issued credit in the future. Upon a person's ...
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    A statement attached to an individual's credit report stating that the individual is dead. A deceased alert is necessary to prevent identity theft. For example, an ...
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    Dec 5, 2009 ... Request a copy of the decedent's credit report – refer to ITRC Letter Form 117-1 then place a flag the account “deceased alert” on the report, ...
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    Oct 6, 2011 ... The deceased alert will effectively freeze the credit file, so a security freeze should not be necessary. The Social Security Administration does ...
  7. Identity Theft Prevention
    Use certified mail to send copies of the death certificate to all three credit bureaus and request that a "deceased" alert be added to their credit report.
  8. Steps to Protect the Deceased from Identity Theft
    As soon as possible, send a letter (certified with return request) to each of the 3; Request that a “Deceased Alert” be placed on the deceased's credit report.