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verbto provide money to pay costs ExampleThe company agreed to defray the costs of the exhibition.

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    to provide for the payment of : pay. 2. archaic : to bear the expenses of. — de·fray· able \-ə-bəl\ adjective. — de·fray·al \-ˈfrā(-ə)l\ noun ...
  2. defray - definition of defray by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...
    tr.v. de·frayed, de·fray·ing, de·frays. To undertake the payment of (costs or expenses); pay. [French défrayer, from Old French desfrayer : des-, de- + *frai, expense ...
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    to bear or pay all or part of (the costs, expenses, etc.): The grant helped defray the expenses of the trip. Relevant Questions. What Is an Antonym for A... What Is ...
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    defray verb - definition, audio pronunciation, synonyms and more for defray verb: (especially of an organization) to pay the cost of something: See more in British ...
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    defray (third-person singular simple present defrays, present participle defraying, ... paid by a source in Liechtenstein, should be used to defray their losses.
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