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del credere

nounan amount added to a charge to cover the possibility of not being paid

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    A del credere (Italian for belief or trust) agent, in English law, is one who, selling goods for his principal on credit, undertakes for an additional commission to sell ...
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    [Italian, Of belief or trust.] An arrangement in which an agent or factor—an individual who takes possession and agrees to sell goods for another—consents for ...
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    (Mercantile Law) An agreement by which an agent or factor, in consideration of an additional premium or commission (called a del credere commission), ...
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    In business law, a del credere agency is a type of principal-agent relationship wherein the agent acts not only as a salesperson or broker for the principal, but ...
  5. What is del credere agent? definition and meaning
    Definition of del credere agent: Sales agent who guarantees that a buyer is trustworthy and, in case the buyer defaults, compensates the principal (the seller) .
  6. Del Credere Risk | Business Pundit
    Del credere risk is a term used to describe the probability that a buyer who purchases through a buyer or a guarantor will be unable to fulfill his payment.
  7. What is del credere agency? definition and meaning
    Definition of del credere agency: An agency, factor or broker who sells products and/or services for another party and guarantees that the buyer will pay for them.
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    Definition of COMMISSION DEL CREDERE: in commercial law, is where an agent of a seller undertakes to guaranty to his principal the payment of the debt due ...