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just compensation

The amount that is fair to both the owner and the government when property is appropriated for public use through Eminent Domain.

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    Just Compensation is required to be paid by the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (and counterpart state constitutions) when private property is taken ( or ...
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    just compensation. n. 1) in general a fair and reasonable amount of money to be paid for work performed or to make one "whole" after loss due to damages.
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    Just Compensation is a monthly reporting service on eminent domain, inverse condemnation, and relocation assistance law.
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    Equitable remuneration to the owner of private property that is expropriated for public use through condemnation, the implementation of the governmental power ...
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    The just compensation required by the Constitution is that which constitutes ''a full and perfect equivalent for the property taken.'' 192 Originally the Court ...
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    Dec 5, 2006 ... So long as the state can steal from one to give to another, writes Anthony Gregory , the capacity for it to do so in a "fair market" manner, or with ...
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    Compensation provided to an owner whose private real property is seized by the government's power of eminent domain, which allows it to take such property ...
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    The just compensation clause (also known as the takings clause) of the Wisconsin Constitution requires the state and its subdivisions to pay just compensation ...