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participation loan

Loan made by multiple lenders.

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    The lead bank typically originates the loan, takes responsibility for the loan servicing of the participation loan, organizes and manages the participation, and ...
  2. participation loan - The Free Dictionary
    Noun, 1. participation loan - a loan that is shared by a group of banks that join to make a loan too big for any one of them alone. loan participation, participation ...
  3. Participation Loan - Financial Dictionary - The Free Dictionary
    A large loan made by a group of lenders, that enables a borrower to obtain financing above the legal lending limit of an individual lender.
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    ... only the investment at hand is a credit facility. In a generic sense, the term participation loan refers to three different types of partnerships that involve financing.
  5. Participation Loan: Definition from
    Commercial lending: loan made by more than one lender and serviced ( administered) by one of the participants, called the lead bank or lead lender.
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    The Standard Participation Loan Program (PLP) - designed to enable small businesses to obtain medium to long-term financing, always will be in the form of ...
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    HPD's Preservation Participation Loan Program (“PLP”) was created to provide low-interest loans to private residential building owners for the moderate or ...
  8. What is participation loan? definition and meaning
    Definition of participation loan: Loan made by multiple lenders.