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permanent loan

A long-term property mortgage.

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  1. What is the difference between a loan, a permanent loan and gift to ...
    If it's a loan, can you really get it back? Is there a process for getting your item ... Legally, when you make a gift, you give up your ownership rights entirely.
  2. What is permanent loan? -
    Definition of permanent loan: Long-term (maturity period 15 to 30 years) mortgage loan or bond issue. In real estate projects, permanent financing is obtained ...
  3. PLC - Permanent Loan
    Also known as a take-out loan. A long term loan that is usually not less than ten years. A permanent loan can be used to either: Finance a purchase of real estate ...
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    With Capitol Federal's True Blue® Construction-to-Permanent Loan program, you can enjoy the convenience of one loan throughout the building process and ...
  5. What is permanent loan? definition and meaning -
    Definition of permanent loan: A long-term property mortgage.
  6. Construction-to-Permanent Loans
    A construction-to-permanent loan may be right for you if you: ... In order to qualify for a construction-to-permanent loan, you must meet the following requirements ...
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    If you're building your dream house, you need BB&T Home Mortgage. We're experts at construction lending. With our construction-to-permanent loan, you avoid ...
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    A construction permanent loan is ideal for people who require the need of financial advance in order to build a structure for business or residential use.