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pure risk

A risk that is not beneficial to the insurer, as loss is the only foreseeable outcome.

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    A category of risk in which loss is the only possible outcome; there is no beneficial result. Pure risk is related to events that are beyond the risk-taker's control and ...
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    Definition of pure risk: Situation where there is a chance of either loss or no loss, but no chance of gain; for example either a building will burn down or it won't.
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    pure risk - The risk involved in situations that present the opportunity for loss but no opportunity for gain.
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    Situation where there is a risk of loss with no opportunity for gain. These are conditions, including fires, natural disasters, and liability, where the.
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    though a loss occurs, but it is harmed if a pure risk is present and a loss occurs. ... The major types of pure risk that are associated with great economic and ...
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