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zero-coupon convertible

a zero-coupon bond issued by a corporation which can be converted into that corporation's common stock at a certain price, or a zero-coupon bond issued by a municipality which can be converted into an interest-bearing bond under certain circumstances. also called split coupon bond.

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    A fixed income instrument that is a combination of a zero-coupon bond and a convertible bond. Due to the zero-coupon feature, the bond pays no interest and is ...
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    A bond that may be converted into common stock in the company issuing it. A zero-coupon convertible bond is sold at a discount from par and matures at par.
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    Zero-Coupon Convertible Security. Convertible securities are financing alternatives to equity and debt. Through convertible securities, the issuer sells equity at a ...
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    Definition of ZERO COUPON CONVERTIBLE BOND: A convertible bond that is discounted and exchanged into stock. While it is a bond it acquires interest.
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