Exchange Currency


The exchange rate as of today for SEK/VEF is SEK per VEF, which means that with 100 Swedish kronor you can buy Venezuelan Bolivar.

Below you will find information about historical currency exchange rates for SEK/VEF currency pair represented in a history table and an exchange chart. Also, bellow you can read summary information about SEK or VEF currencies.

SEK to VEF exchange rate history

Date Exchange Rate Variation
Please note that SEK to VEF currency exchange rate historical information is renewed every 3 hours. Last update was at . To view last currency exchange rate updates, visit currency rates page.

Swedish krona to Venezuelan Bolivar exchange chart

Note: The Swedish krona to Venezuelan Bolivar chart allow you to see for free currency exchange rate graph history for the SEK/VEF currency pair. Currently, the currency chart shows historical exchange rates for Swedish krona per 1 Venezuelan Bolivar pair for a period of 0 days.


The krona (plural: kronor) has been the currency of Sweden since 1873. In English, the currency is sometimes referred to as the Swedish crown, since krona literally means crown in Swedish.


The bolívar fuerte (pl: bolívares fuertes) is the currency of Venezuela since 1 January 2008. It is subdivided into 100 céntimos and replaced the bolívar at the rate of Bs.F. 1 = Bs. 1,000 because of inflation.