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Heating oil delivery truck stolen from company 2 weeks after service van stolen


A Manchester heating oil company is without one of its delivery trucks after the owner said it was stolen, the second vehicle taken in two weeks.

ABSCO Heating normally delivers about 5,000 gallons of oil each day, but owner Elaine Cady said it was going to fall well short of that number Wednesday.

"We got word from our oil driver this morning that the oil truck had been stolen, " Cady said.

The Mac truck carrying nearly 2,800 gallons of oil disappeared, Cady said.

"It's the second vehicle in two weeks that someone has stolen from the same spot, " she said.

Two weeks ago, a service van was stolen, and Cady said the thief even tried to paint over the company's logo. She said she believes the same person is responsible.

"It's a crazy story, " she said. "They brought the other vehicle back, parked it and stole our truck this morning. It's crazy. We can't believe someone is bold enough to go back and forth like this. "

There are no cameras or gates where ABSCO stores its trucks, but Cady said they're working to change that.

"We have measures to get door locks changed to the building that was broken into to get our keys, " she said. "All those locks have been changed over there, and they're working on it. "

About 20 deliveries were affected Wednesday, but managers said they're working to get oil to all customers. They said people have been understanding.

"It's made it very difficult, " Cady said. "Today, we had a very big stack of deliveries to make. We're down a truck and a driver now. "

The only description of the thief is that it was someone with a beard, Cady said. She noted that their driver also has a beard, so she doesn't want people calling police on him.

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